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Transformation on Brazil’s Grain Exports

março 23, 2017


In 2013, we believed that the ongoing structural changes in logistics infrastructure (highways, railways, waterways and ports) should significantly impact the market share of logistics corridors in the agricultural chain, mainly from Mato Grosso, increasing the share of the Northern ports in the state’s grain exports.

Motivated by these changes, in November, 2013 we decided to join a five-day field trip through the corridor which could dramatically transform the logistics dynamics of grain exports from Mato Grosso: the BR-163 North corridor. In this field trip we drove around 1,800 km on BR-163 highway, from Cuiabá (MT) to Santarém (PA), in order to assess and monitor the traffic conditions of this future corridor, in terms of road infrastructure conditions, paving works status, waterway transshipment terminals and ports.

Based on the trip experience and on our knowledge, a report was published in order to provide a deeper assessment on the logistics challenges of grain exports from Mato Grosso and the impacts of the development of BR-163 North corridor.

Now, three years later, in December, 2016, our team participated on the same field trip to evaluate the infrastructure development one more time and gather insights on the new investment opportunities in the region.

We would like to thank Credit Suisse’s Equity Research Transportation Team for inviting us to participate in this event.

In the link below you may download the new report, published in March, 2017.

[Report Link]

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